Thursday, November 26, 2015

life::an outtake

"I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart)" - E.E. Cummings 

This necklace was a gift from Colby (and the boys) last Christmas. The signature is a replica of one my mom signed in my 3rd grade yearbook: "Meg, To my favorite daughter! Love, Mommy" I called her Mommy into adulthood (although embarrassing during middle and high school years), and cherish this symbol of my angel momma that I get to wear so close to my heart.

A year is 365 days too many to do life without you, but I am forever thankful for your example, your selfless love, your listening ear, never-ending smile, and the kind of beauty that radiates from deep within. I'm thankful to be spending today in Indiana, surrounded by the family she was so crazy about. Happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

my weekend in photos.

Celebrated the big 4-OH with one of my favorites. And some other favorites. At Cooper's Hawk!
After a busy week that had us on the go every night of the week, Saturday's non-schedule was very welcomed to get some cleaning and laundry done around home.  But even a productive day needs a little fresh air.
Brooks was handed a sample, he took 3 steps, and sat down right in the center of the floor at the zoo that is Costco. Sorry for the roadblock, fellow shoppers.. my 2 year old is having a moment with his oatmeal.
Hygiene 101. (Plus, a freshly bathed baby is all kinds of cute and delicious.)
 Coffee table: 1        Brooks: 0
Amidst all the cleaning that took place this weekend, I played a few rounds of matching with this one. 
A low-key and productive weekend to prep for an exciting and crazy week ahead!

Monday, November 2, 2015

my weekend in photos.

All-school parade and party day. There were 3 Flashes in Owen's class!

Another Friday evening spent in our basement drinking hot cider, working on photos, and watching some baseball. The senior session turned out well, the the game got a little out of hand in the Mets favor.

Saturday morning Halloween sprinkle donuts for the boys, and then on to pumpkin carving. (We seem to be in the habit of getting our pumpkins carved at the last minute.)

I spent a day in the kitchen - baked oatmeal & then Owen joined me for some chocolate chip roll baking while the babies napped. It was glorious and messy and long overdue.

Then our highly anticipated night of trick-or-treating finally arrived for my superheroes.

Sadie's first Halloween and she loved her outdoor wagon adventure.

Back before 7,  put our little Wonder Woman to bed, and got the game turned on. Because in Kansas City we all went trick-or-treating in the daylight in order to be back for the game.

We just couldn't get our act together for church on Sunday morning, but we were loving the gorgeous and warm start to November. I took some photos on Sunday afternoon, then had dinner with family that evening before retiring back home for

I didn't even protest Colby waking Owen in the 11 o'clock hour to watch the 12th inning of the Royals making history.

World Series Champions.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from our "super" crew!

With Game 4 of the World Series falling on Halloween night, we joined the rest of the city in some daylight trick-or-treating to ensure we'd be back for game time at 7:07.

I can't tell you how surprised I was by Brooks. I had just come to terms with the fact that he was going to hate Halloween. The dressing up, the trick-or-treating, the scary decorations. This is my public apology. Aside from asking him to pose for a picture (and even that went better than I could have imagined), he was a total fan. I pulled out his costume this afternoon, and he couldn't wait to put it on. Even the cape. After he was dressed, he would point to himself and said "My Superman!" (as in "I'm Superman!")

At first, he was a little shy to go all the way up to a door, but he immediately ventured himself away from momma and halfway to the door while Owen walked all the way up to knock. Then when his brother would return from the door with an extra piece of candy for him, it was the greatest day ever. "Look what my have!" .. "Hatty Birday!" (A little off on the occasion, but excited nonetheless.) By the end of our walk, he was up at the door with Owen ready for his candy. He asked about the "Spooky" which was a witch who had handed out candy for the remainder of our walk.

Owen was a pro. He wasn't scared this time around -- could be because daylight was in our favor on some of the scarier houses. (We have a few houses in the neighborhood who really get into it.. a haunted house, a graveyard, and some pretty creepy "decor.") And our little Sadie was also pleased as pie to be along for the adventure. We had such a happy and agreeable crew. The evening was chilly, but tolerable.. and just overall really fun. (Can't say I'm oppose to trick-or-treating on the earlier end with small children who go to bed early!)

And then to sweeten the day.. the Royals pulled off a third WIN in New York for game 4 of the World Series! #takethecrown

Monday, October 26, 2015

my weekend in photos.

The kids were out of school for fall conferences at the end of the week, so our Friday afternoon birthday party with cousin Ella was a great way to run out some of that extra energy. Our second UrbanAir party for the books, and I'm already seriously contemplating a 6th birthday party here because Owen loves it so much.

A Friday night Royals victory sends us to the World Series.. again! Comonnnnnn Tuesday!

Watch out, world.. Sadie's behind the wheel!

I took my first visit to our Junior League's annual Holiday Mart with a girlfriend from work. Small, local vendors.. and a glass of wine (or beer or mimosa) while you shop.. genius? It was  overflowing with KC pride. 

Then after work, I joined some of my favorite ladies and their hubbies for some Mexican and margs. And my littlest crew joined us, too. 

A beautiful Sunday filled to the brim with fall. Leaves and pumpkins and pumpkin bread.

We had a busy and full and wonderful weekend. Looking forward to a fun and festive Halloween and World Series week in KC ahead!