Monday, May 4, 2015

my weekend in photos.

I dubbed my weekend as Thursday afternoon when my husband gave me a quick kiss as he whisked out of town for his annual trip to the lake with his buddy for the NFL draft. He took both dogs, which eased the blow of my upcoming 3 days of being the only parent on duty with the 3 littles.

So we started by spending an extra long time on the playground after school. 

On Friday, I dropped the two littlest at Nana's after school drop-off and I spent the day running errands. Lots. Between 10 and 3:30 I got my hair cut & colored and made quick visits to Target, Nill Bros, Old Navy, Costco, Brooke's house, & Trader Joe's. It was productive and exhausting. But it's amazing how much you can get done without little people in tow. A special shout out to my TJ shopping cart:

Saturday morning basketball was followed by an afternoon at home. The dots I had applied to Sadie's nursery walls came down (I just can't figure out what I want her nursery to look like..), and then provided a solid 15 minutes of entertainment for the boys as they reapplied them to our hallway wall. 

Once Brooks got up from his nap, I set the boys lose outside to run wild while us girls relaxed and enjoyed the entertainment that is little boys.

I was pretty proud of myself by Saturday night having survived with no tears or desperate calls for Colby to cut his trip short and come rescue me. I've got a good bunch, and I'm loving being their momma.

We had some unplanned visitors from one of my besties and her twin boys. We enjoyed a glass of wine together while the boy entertainment continued.

On Sunday, we didn't leave for church. Marble races and lunch on our back porch while we anxiously awaited Colby's return. And it was glorious. And so was the weather.

Perfect for playing catch with daddy.

And bare feet in the grass.

And for well, just being Brooks.

 I don't know that she smiles more than Brooks (he was our "smiley baby"), but her smiles sure are bigger than either of my boys sported on a consistent basis. She's extra generous with her mouth wide open grins in the mornings or after a good nap. It's the best.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

life::an outtake

When Colby left Thursday, he told Owen he was "man of the house" while daddy was gone. So when our dinner plans fell through, he stepped up to the plate and prepared soup for us. Made from scratch, ingredients include: water, maple syrup, white chocolate chips, dark chocolate chips, about a cup of seasoned salt, milk, balsamic vinegar, a slice of bread, hot sauce, pepperoncinis, sour cream, flour, powdered sugar, oil, and surely some other ingredients that I have left out. Fortunately, when I suggested we have popcorn and smoothies for dinner he said we could save the soup for another day.

Monday, April 27, 2015

my weekend in photos.

Friday morning, I met my friend for a run. It has been 10 long months since we've dragged our sleepy behinds out at 5:30 in the morning to get in a couple of runs and girl talk each week. Zzzz... 

And Friday night I was Facebook cheers-ing to the weekend. (Brooks is yelling "mommmmyyyy" through the glass of the cabinet doors.)

Saturday morning basketball. It's so fun to watch him play [when I'm not wrangling Brooks in from the courts and feeding baby girl while Colby helps out on the court. This week, I had Nana & Papa's help - phew!].

My little dudes.

My non-dude.

We attended a COLD birthday party for Owen's sweet friend, Lou on Sunday. It's amazing how cold 50 degrees feels after spring has arrived. A couple of months ago, I'd have thought it was delightful! Of course, the kids weren't phased in the least. Here's a few of their school pals hamming it up for the camera. 

 Meanwhile, Daddy was home and warm hanging with this little girl while Brooks napped. 

How can you not smile when listening to your child giggle? Of course, this went on for quite some time, but I got a little clip on video because it was too funny. 

Among other weekend events were more nanny interviews (this has been a month-long process thus far.) a night out to Grinders where I unashamedly handed my iPhone over to my toddler so that I could enjoy the company of adults (+ Owen) over wine while the baby slept. It was another great weekend, but I'm hoping for that warmer weather to return for the remainder of my time off of work!

Friday, April 24, 2015

life::an outtake

On Wednesday evening as I was getting my shoes on to go for a run, Owen asked to join me. 

How could I turn that down? So he ran up to change, then we stretched together in the kitchen. Owen added push-ups and some made-up stretches to the mix while Brooks mimicked his every move. Then we headed outside, I put some country music on my iPhone, started my running app to track our distance and time, and off we went.. at full speed. It didn't last long. He asked to walk just up the street because he had a cramp in his side.

As life is now, our evenings usually default to the following: I am on Sadie duty while Colby plays baseball or basketball with Owen. Brooks goes between the two of us depending what level his Momma's Boy Meter is reading that day.

So this rare opportunity to spend one-on-one time with Owen was a treasure. To speak his love language by spending time doing something active with him.

Since speed is so important to him, we had quite a few sprints followed by walking during our .65 mile neighborhood loop. We finally ran at a reasonable pace for the final stretch. During our stretches of walking, we talked about his day at school, the plants in the yards we passed, and plans to go to the pool and park this summer. We also discussed his side cramps and decided next time we might try to have a banana before we go for a run.

I already can't wait for next time.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

a few of their favorite things | christmas 2014

I know, I know.. it's April. And I'm talking Christmas. But I liked this post last year, and in case I have any readers who might find this helpful, I wanted to be sure I got it in. It's been sitting in my drafts for a couple of months just waiting to be finished, so I figure better late than never! Below are some of our favorite gifts from this past Christmas.

toy kitchen. This was a gift from Nana & Papa this past Christmas after his interest peaked at his cousin's house. We went with navy to make it a little less girly, but neutral enough to keep for little Sadie in the coming years. The quality is great, too. Knowing how he liked to open and close drawers, I knew this would be a perfect big ticket item. And boy was it perfect. Every day upon arriving home, he'd go straight to his kitchen and begin to play. Big brother even joined in and loved to help organize the dishes we got to go with it. I recommend going easy on dishes and food items -- he's just as happy with a handful of accessories as he would be with many.. and it's less clean up! There ain't no shame in a toy kitchen lovin' little boy!

pintoy ride-on. This was another gift for Brooks. (Big brother got a new bike, so this was sort of his equivalent.) We never did have a ride-on toy for Owen as a toddler, so I wasn't sure how well liked this would be. Since he was still getting himself stable on his feet, it took a month or so before this caught on. The storage in the front is a key component - as you know, toddlers like to carry things around, so it's a perfect compliment to the wheels. This is a European brand, but I happened upon this ride-on cargo truck at a consignment shop in mint condition and couldn't pass it up. 

baseball guys. This was gifted by little brother to our Royals/baseball loving 4-year old. I stumbled on these baseball guys at a local toy store, and was rather surprised how beloved this toy set would become. Dad labeled the field with each of the positions and with general knowledge and beginning to learn to read, it was no time before he knew all of the in and outfield positions. He simulated game after game after game for the entirety of our Christmas day, and the remaining days of school break. What a great independent and quiet play item this was. They also carry hockey, football, and soccer guys which we may have to consider for upcoming Christmases for one of the boys.

over-the-door basketball hoop. A last minute Santa gift snagged on one of those Amazon daily deals for Owen. This mini basketball hoop is much less quiet than the previously mentioned toy, and often asks for a playmate to play against.. but this was a nice upgrade from his Little Tikes goal he received a few years ago for Christmas. Since winter isn't conducive for playing baseball, this reignited his love of basketball and paved way to learn a new game: HORSE.