Sunday, October 19, 2014

my weekend in photos.

Such beautiful fall weather, and the city looks all kinds of fall.

We had a spontaneous dinner out with my bro & sis-in-laws. Pizza and gelato doesn't disappoint anyone!

I took photos this weekend, and was loving all the outdoors time. Meanwhile, the boys were off to lunch where they also ran into Owen's favorite KC Royals player! Admittedly, I had no clue who he was when I got the text (there's not many professional athletes I would be able to recognize off the street), but I was beyond excited for them and their luck. Lorenzo Cain wears #6 - the same number Owen wore during t-ball, which is what influenced his declaration for favorite player long ago. Literally that morning, though, Owen had been practicing sliding catches pretending to be Cain in our living room. And he's World Series bound in just a few days, just out for a quick bite to eat at Chick-fil-A with his wife and braaaand new bebe. 

A girlfriend from college was in town, and we had a girls night at one of my favs - La Bodega. Sans sangria for yours truly, but I had some extra meatballs and papas fritas to make up for it. Our own Hoosier homecoming celebrated in KC. 

We also made another trip to the pumpkin patch, fetched us some pumpkins for carving next weekend, and lost a shoe for Brooks about 5 minutes into our visit. Oops! 

A stop for some Unforked midway through my afternoon of errands was oh-so-tasty. 

Hope you enjoyed this beautiful fall weekend!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

next stop, World Series!

My house [& this city] is happy.
Go Royals!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

my weekend in photos.

Oof. We had one helluva week and weekend over here. But so many sweet moments mixed in there. Lucky for you, you get to see a lot of the sweet ones.

This little lady got to show off her somersault form for the camera at my halfway point sono on Friday. At his request, I brought Owen along - asking questions to the technician as she went.

A little Saturday soccer. This is an arrow celebration move learned from his daddy that may have made an appearance during the game. I can't remember if this was before or after he spit after another good play... this four year old.

I took photos Saturday morning. My niece filled in as second shooter.

 Royals spirit! The Royals also managed a couple of wins in Baltimore to start the ALCS series at 2-0. 

 Macygirl looking fresh after her grooming appointment. 

Uncle Drooper on duty for a post-swim practice carb-loading group selfie.

Here's Mr. Crankypants. Both Saturday and Sunday were hard days to be Brooks. Thank goodness for nap time and his blanket. 

A post-soccer fall festival with Ella didn't make Owen mad at all. Bounce house, pumpkin decorating, games, prizes, and food all sponsored by our neighborhood. So amazing!

Sunday gave us quite a scare with an emergency trip which resulted in a surgery for our Kirkwood. He's going to be fine, but it sure made for an emotional day! Can't wait to bring our sweet guy home tomorrow.

We also had one more game on Sunday, the final game of the season. Owen scored 2 goals today in what was probably his best game yet overall, for a grand total of 4 for his season. Loved watching his first fall soccer season!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

my weekend in photos.

Fajita Friday kicked off our weekend with dinner out, thanks to my day long craving. And then once the boys were to bed, Colby went out with a friend to watch the game, and my Friday night looked like this. From my bed:

Our first fall-like game day. Macygirl joined us to cheer on the "Monsters." 

Are little kids in soccer uniforms not just the cutest? 

I had put my hand on Owen's leg during a movie on Saturday night, and he twined his little fingers with mine to hold my hand. I melted. 

Another Sunday trip to the pumpkin patch. This time, we made it to the pumpkins, and we had cousin company along for the fun!

Brunch bunch resumed in October. 

 We took a walk to the park, and invited this guy along.

While these two boys went down the slide over and over and over again.

Now, my husband would like me get back to the Royals sweeping the Angels in the playoffs. Wha? 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

my weekend in photos.

Sunday night so soon? Here we go! First, a noteworthy mention: Friday night was a Kansas City celebration as the Royals won a game to seal their wildcard spot in the playoffs - their first time since '85!

We learned that magnet blocks are really fun to play with on a metal table top.

Our first trip to the pumpkin patch that was actually just a trip to play. Brooks entered the tunnels with caution, then by the end, didn't want to be pulled out.

We did get to see these 2-day-old little cuties. I wanted to bring one home. So cute!

The boys' first matching jammies, and my attempt at taking a photo of them together wearing said jammies. Boys.
We worked hard around the house this weekend - doing some final piecing together of our sitting? office? room. It needs a name. Regardless, it's a room that was used only to catch paper clutter, host art projects by Owen, and an overall waste of a good space. Pictures to come!

But for now, we set a world record for the amount of time Brooks kept a hat on - about 4 minutes. So you get a picture of that!

I have found myself really wearing out quickly this past week - which is ironic since I've just entered my second trimester which is normally when some energy returns? Regardless, I've chosen to forego some extra activities to spend at home "resting" with family. (But really, rest doesn't come until those little boys go to bed.) It's been really nice having us all home - a concept I still haven't gotten use to after Colby's busy summer at the pool. 

Soccer was exciting with another goal scored by our little guy! 

It was quite warm for a nearly-October weekend, but it sure beats being cold! 

And we said goodbye to our September house guest. He was such a good boy, but it's nice to have our home back to its original occupants. :)

Big brothers make really good encouragers/cheering sections/coaches.

That was sporadic and unorganized. You're welcome. Have a great week!